shape your world


Steel experience for innovation.
The essence of things takes shape through substance, each project is for us a starting point to shape ideas. From a sheet we can create unlimited elements composing your world.

Competence for customers.
INOX e INOX is specialised in designing and manufacturing of professional equipment. It has always acted in Restauration, Pastry, Bar and specific segments as chemical-pharmaceutical Industry and Hospitals, supplying modular “regular” and “custom” items with high quality level.
Care and respect for environment and people are among the ethical values characterizing our approach inside our company and to the customer.
A healthy and safety workplace allows the harmonisation of manufacturing processes and contributes to result’s quality.


A conscious design is the essential basis for an efficient manufacturing process to grant an excellent result.

Customer’s needs are the core of the project, from the analysis of the first layout, to the realization of the technical feasibility draft up to product’s schedule.

A team of over 10 resources within the technical department, devotes itself constantly to research and development, to engineering process and to design through CAD 3D solid modelling software.

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