A new Web Site

Inox and Inox, launches its new website aligning with its mission. A clean and essential design welcomes the users offering them a complete and precise understanding of the company’s value proposition and of the overall advantages offered.

Corporate reliability is also reflected in this new approach that will allow our visitors to have a clear and customer-centered information experience. A customer who, in the path undertaken by the Industry 4.0, stands as a pivot of a cultural revolution that is not limited to describing only a business system based on digital integration, but a virtuous dialogue between the parties.

 A new ‘widespread’ digital culture, with greater communication between business and IT and the implementation of innovative managerial and production models, is now on the agenda and we are progressively moving towards this goal to ensure our competitive advantage, to exploit the potentials and share them with you.

The organic and systematic introduction of the modern industrial revolution’s elements also starts from here, for a B2B Service Engineering able to satisfy every need.

 Its evolution and management focus on measuring service quality, productivity and efficiency of processes, making the Customer Journey a great challenge worthy of being undertaken.

Customer Expectation will continue to evolve thanks to meticulous attention to the customer and to the market in which the “volume or value” dilemma will be resolved in favor of value. A value identified through the reading of needs, thanks to a fine digital segmentation, which will allow us to offer previously unthinkable tailor-made services.